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We have a FANTASTIC set of projects to share with you today. The brand new 'Saying Thanks' kit is ..... wow! It is such a BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, GORGEOUS Kit. And, if you would like some quick, simple and easy projects - this kit is for you.

This is what comes in the kit;

And, these are the suggested projects for the kit.

Click Here or on any of the images above for more information on this kit.

We did a video showcasing this kit recently where we made the suggested projects but also made a massive collection of ALTERNATIVE projects. Do you want to watch the video? Click on the image below and watch it now.

Would you like to see the projects up close? I have photographed them all for you to pin to your Pinterest board. 

Would you like to purchase the 'Saying Thanks' Kit? Click Here or the image below to get it now.

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