Stampin' Up! Incentive Holiday Day 5 - Pisa and Florence

What a wonderful day today! I have always wanted to visit Pisa as my Mother was 20 she visited Pisa  which is 44 years ago. I remember seeing her travel pictures as a young girls and have always wanted to see Pisa and Egypt and the pyramids as that is where Mum has been. Well at least I can tick off one of those places. 

We were very excited and kindly met by our tour guides - Eliza - (pronounced Eleeza) Our tour guide that we loved for Rome Daniella had talked about Bruno and I and they were so excited to see our name on their tours again. Straight away we knew we were in for a good day!

First stop was Pisa!! It was quite nostalgic being there and seeing Pisa - I loved that I could finally see it in the flesh.

Here is my mum at 20 years old in 1972 at the Tower of Pisa! How cool is that?? I love the cars - so amazing.

Here is us at the tower of Pisa!

I am sure that there were couples have altercations everywhere as they tried to get the photo of you holding up the tower - it is challenging to get it right and requires good communication to make sure your hands are lined up correctly with the tower. Bruno was getting quite frustrated with me when my direction were quite specific and it took a little bit of time. Let's see who's photo turned out - Here is my one of Bruno -

Here is Bruno's first attempt of me "holding" up the leaning tower of Pisa....

What really surprised me was the other buildings when you come in to see the leaning tower - You can see the tower in the background. It looks small in comparison to these other buildings and all of them are so stunning!!

I didn't realised that you could climb up - I was trying to do it but we just didn't have enough time. We will have to come back just to climb it now. :)

We seem to be getting the hang of this now...

The buildings around the Leaning tower.

I bought the most gorgeous bag in Pisa - a green leather one, and the best part our tour guide checked it and it is leather! I love it and it will be a great memory of this visit here. We had to be super quick to buy it though as there was no time to stop and shop with this tour - we were on the run.

We then had a bus ride into Florence. One thing I love is that you come around a corner and think you are seeing the most amazing things and then a gem just pops out at your between buildings. Look at this incredible piece of architecture!

Again, Bruno and I were just speechless.

Walking towards the Piazza Della Signoria where the replica of David is! I had no idea about all of this before we went of course.

This is a photo that my mum sent me of her in the same piazza! I had no idea about this photo so it was nice to see that she had been there too after we went. I would've taken a replica photo but we got one from the distance.  I do believe that back 44 years ago it would have been the real david though not the replica that we saw.

Our guide recommended a great place for lunch - Oh my it was good! I had truffle oil Pasta too - good thing we did over 12,000 steps this day.

Some lovely people from our tour came past and took a photo for us. 

Back to the Piazza della Signoria for more photos and the meeting point for the rest of our tour.

While we were there we rang our friend Jessie in Australia and took a photo with her on FaceTime - as you do! It's like she was there with us.

Here is a video that Bruno took of the Piazza - 

Then we got to go to this gorgeous spot -

The Ponte Vecchio ("Old Bridge") is a Medieval stone closed-spandrel segmentalarch bridge over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy, noted for still having shops built along it, as was once common. Butchers initially occupied the shops; the present tenants are jewelers, art dealers and souvenir sellers. (Thanks Wiki for that explanation I wouldn't have been able to say it that well myself)

Then it was off to see where Leonardo DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa! 

I asked these Arma des Cababiniers for a photo and they said something in Italian that gave us the impression that they wanted the photo taken quickly!!

Bruno then decided right before we got on the bus that he would purchase a gelato - I looked at him and said they won't let you on the bus.... Sure enough he had to throw it out!! We got a mouthful each and of course it was the best tasting Gelato ever because we had to throw it away.

Such a BIG day - we were so tired, but there was no time to sit around, time to eat dinner and go to Karaoke of course!

More coming soon about out time in Cannes and Marseille! We are currently in Paris now and having such a wonderful time. Relaxing a bit more and recovering from a VERY busy cruise.

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  1. Fabulous pics! Thanks for sharing❣

  2. Wonderful pictures Kylie! Thanks for sharing with us. Your reaction at Pisa was the same as mine when I went - all those stunning buildings that I had not known were there.

  3. Awesome pictures. It is very well take. Thank you for sharing this it is good to see such a beautiful and great picture. your post is good to know about the Pisa and Florence


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