Lets do a Mojo Monday everyone and see what we can come up with!!!

Come on everyone I reakon we should give this sketch a go!! Lets see how creative we can get when given a sketch. Who wants to play??? When you have completed your card you can go to the blog mojomonday.blogspot.com and link your blog so that your card can be shown there as well if you like.

There may even be some prizes!! (is that giving an incentive??!!)

You have up until Saturday to get crafty.


So here is my entry!! What do you think everyone?? It took me a while and I did get some creative help from Bruno. lol. I am happy with the final result though. Got to use my in colour cardstock and ink which was nice.

Still have a few more days to try the challenge!!


  1. Well, well, well, what do we have here? Your blog looks FANTASTIC!!! Good job!

  2. But I don't have a blog is there any other way I can link my photo?

  3. You can just give me the card and I can take the photo and attach it Petriks

  4. Oooh I do love your new look Kylie. It is so pretty and sooo much craftier. It projects a real "homemade" feel. Well done.


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