Mum Bertucci's Special Tiramisu

You may be wondering where the cards are??? But for a change I thought I would blog my other passion - cooking desserts!! Everyone who knows me has tasted my sweets and knows that I love to make them - Here is a favorite.

I must really love you all to be giving away such a fantastic recipe - sharing is caring right??

This is an easy wonderful tasting tiramisu, and not as expensive as others that I have seen.

First lets get some coffee going for the Italian sponge finger biscuits.

This is all the ingredients you will need to make a lasagna size Tiramisu recipe will be revealed at the end!

I like to whip the cream first then add the cream cheese so that it is nice and thick!

Soak the sponge finger biscuits in Brandy and Coffee

Assemble the masterpiece layer with biscuits and cream cheese mixture I added some drinking chocolate here in the middle section, you could put Milo or even dark chocolate.

And there you have it! A big yummy decadent tiramisu that doesn't break the bank and is quick and easy. The longest part is assembling the actual cake. Leave overnight to let the coffee and brandy soak in.

Tiramisu recipe -

3 x 250g tubs cream Cheese
1 x 600ml Thickened Cream
1 cup sugar
1 large packet of Italian Sponge Finger Biscuits (about 24 biscuits)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 litre of Coffee
50mls Brandy or you can use Kahlua, baileys etc

I prefer to use the percolated coffee I have heard of some using instant, but I just couldn't do it! Makes such a difference when you use the real thing. If you don't have the italian Percolater then you could always use a plunger as an option. When coffee is ready pour into a convenient bowl for you to soak the biscuits in. Add the liquer.

Soak the Sponge finger biscuits in the coffee and alchohol mixture not too soggy though.

Cream the Cream, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until thick and creamy.

Lay out one layer of soaked biscuits and then add half of the cream mixture over the top. Spread to cover. Sprinkle with chocolate, drinking chocolate.

Then layer with more soaked biscuits and again with the remaining cream mixture.

Top with grated dark chocolate.

To serve - Mum Bertucci has always used a big spoon and scooped it out, but you are welcome to cut it up and serve nicely!!

Keep overnight to soak and combine flavors. The longer it stays there the more delicious it gets!

I'll get some new cards posted soon, the workshop on Saturday went great, thanks to Rachel for helping with the embossing and Natalie for looking after the other table. Couldn't have done it without you girls there. THANKS!



  1. YUM! Looks fab. Now I'm hungry ......

  2. Oh i LOVE that tirimisu! I've been in it's presence & let me tell tastes as good as it looks!!! Thanks for sharing Kylie, you must really care!lol

  3. Yum!! Keep those your recipes mrs betucci!! x

  4. Ooooh Kylie - your tiramisu looks fabulous! So you are more than just a pretty face and a clever cardmaker. I love how this is Bruno's mothers recipe, dinky di Italian. I look forward to more of your dessert creations. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very yum! Actually I remember now I did have a craving while pregnant with Emily - those sponge finger biscuits straight from the pack!

  6. You did it Kylie ......just great well done and yes I know how yummy it tastes!

  7. Hi, I found your recipe when I was just looking at fabulous card ideas and made it the next day for friends who were coming for lunch. It was a great success!! It was easy (your directions were fantastic) and everyone loved it. You made me look terrific. Thanks!! P.S. Your cards are great too!! =)


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