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Wow! What fun we had playing with this awesome card today. I made one years ago and it was so nice to pull out an idea from the past and bring it out again with some new paper and ideas.

I made an Accordion card during my YouTube live today and it went so fantastic! I could see in the comments that everyone was thinking of all sorts of ways they could use this idea and make it their own. Some were suggesting mini albums, changing the paper, adding more layers... oh the exciting creative ideas that will flow when you see how easy and yet amazing this project is.

To see all the products that I used during my YouTube Live you can click below to see or to purchase.

I also talk about my card templates frequently in this video. To find out more about my card templates you can click HERE.

Here is the YouTube Live Recording and then I will show you some pictures of the project.

The amazing Good Morning Magnolia Stamp set is a MUST have. I used the amazing sponge daubers to colour my flower which made it super quick and easy. The daubers are also a MUST have... just saying.

This is just the first layer opening - there is still another one to go!

This is the card opened right up! WOW! You could use this as a mass goodbye card or something really special from the one person with lots of messages everywhere of encouragement.

Even the back of the card got some love and didn't miss out on being loved by #loveitchopit!

I hope that you enjoyed my YouTube live video and the making of this card. Remember, I would LOVE to see what you come up with - so share pictures of what you make with me. You can even copy it EXACTLY and I still want to see. x

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