Random Acts of Kindness Blog Hop November 2018

Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness Blog Hop for November 2018! We are celebrating 2000 subscribers to our group today!!! Woooo Hoooo!! If you are not part of this amazing group NOW is an awesome time to jump in and be part of something so amazing.

While Bruno and I were in Orland we were given so many AMAZING gifts that were TOTALLY Random Acts of Kindness. And we witnesses Random Acts of Kindess too which was just so wonderful to see.

Here are some of the amazing gifts that were were given as well as cards that we received this month from demonstrators around the world. We LOVE them but we love that someone took the time to think of us and give us a gift or handmade card. It warms the heart so much. #givewithnoexpectation #makeacardsendacard #imbringingrakcardsback #randomactsofkindness.

I was asked to be a special speaker at the Creativate Event and the wonderful Lisa Curcio gave me a beautiful Pandora charm to thank me for doing the talk! It was such a surprise and totally a Random Acts of Kindness that I didn't expect.

These are Drink Coasters that have been inked up.

Aren't they all just so amazing?? It is just Angie McKenzie and I in the hop this month. Angie is one of the Admins of the Random Acts of Kindness Group and I am so thankful for what she and the other girls do each month. Sarah Fleming, Bonnie Sanche, Shelly Wadge, Nita Wainwrite-Smith, Kim Oliver, Susanne Netz and Priscilla Gunton. They are just wonderful women that have such wonderful hearts.


November Tutorial Bundle is HERE!
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  1. You're the best, Kylie! Thanks for all that you do. (((HUGS))) across the waters


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