2017/2018 Annual Catalogue | OnStage Local - Sydney

Hello! This is a warning - THIS POST IS EPIC!!!

But, I have some absolutely AWESOME information in todays post - I am going to share with you some information about the BRAND NEW 2017/2018 Annual Catalogue.

Wanna see what it looks like?

Do you want to see the cover up close?

Unfortunately - thats all of the actual catalogue I can share with you until June 1, 2017. Bummer, hey?

Do you want to see and order from the catalogue earlier than that? As in today? Join my team and you can see it and order the Eastern Palace Suite RIGHT AWAY! Did you see the card I made using this suite? In case you didnt, here it is

But, like I said, this is an EPIC post. While I can't share with you images from the catalogue, I can share with you some more information from the recent OnStage Local Event Bruno and I attended on the weekend in Sydney. And, if you read this post, you will see NEW PRODUCTS!!!!


If you have ever seen a photo of Sydney, you will likely have seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Close to the centre of the photo, you can see where OnStage was held - at Luna Park.

It was an absolutely STUNNING setting right on Sydney Harbour. The actual event was held in the 'Big Top.'

One of the things I love about attending OnStage is the opportunity to meet with fellow demonstrators. Here are some pics of some of my fellow demos.

Michelle Jutrisa

Sue Wdowik - one of the AWESOME Silver Elites from my team

The wonderful Louise Sharp looking STUNNING!!!

Priscilla Gunton

Carolina Evans - one of the AWESOME Silver Elites from my Team

With Bruno - he loves OnStage more than I do! Hahaha

With Carrie Cudney from the Stampin' Up! home office

With Satomi Wellard - one of our top Japanese Demonstrators

With Stephanie Fischer and Victoria Bonello from the Crazy Crafters

With Vanessa Choi

Here is a video showing all the wonderful gifts and prizes that we received this weekend.

Display Boards

Not only does OnStage allow demonstrators the opportunity to see the products in person, there are some AWESOME display boards that give a fantastic opportunity for us to see ALOT of the new products. And, guess what - I took pictures of them and Im happy to share those FULL display boards with you today.

What do you think?
Do you want to see them up close?

One of the most awesome reveals at OnStage was the Brand New InColours. Here are the RGB Values and Hex codes for these. This is useful for all those demonstrators out there!! They are STUNNING!! 

Which one is your favourite? 

This will help you with creating on Picmonkey type editing programs.

And, you know how much I love paper?

Here is an image of all of the paper that I will be using and offering to my customers over the coming year.

So, what do you think?
Remember - these are not all of the products in the new catalogue.

If you would like to get the Eastern Palace or be able to pre-order these items on the 2nd May instead of waiting till June 1st. That is a whole month earlier!

If you would like to be kept up to date about the retiring list make sure you sign up for my newsletter. I will be sending an email today with more information. Click Here

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kylie! It was such a fabulous day in Sydney. And I love the video of all your gifts, fabulous!
    x Amanda

  2. Yowzer, what a great day you all had. I hope to go to the next one if it's in Melbourne. Thanks for the boards, they are amazing. I'm excited about this catalogue and have already got my favourites. Oh, yes my One Wild Ride pack arrived at home today. My hub, Doug rang me at work as he knew I'd been checking the letterbox each day. Thanks again. Dorina

  3. You rock, Kylie! ♥ Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph, edit & share all those luscious new goodies. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful goodies early. Any word on a replacement in the catalogue for the Project Life range?


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