Onstage Live 2016 - Brisbane Australia

Today is the last day of Onstage Live here in Brisbane. Bruno and I have had such a fantastic time the past few days, so much has happened that I feel like we have been here for a week! We had the Top demonstrators in Australia announced yesterday.... would you like to find out where I ranked in Australia?? Well you are going to have to wait until TUESDAY 7:01am! We have to keep it TOP SECRET until then... So make sure you are following my blog to find out where I placed. Click Here.

Have you been following my Facebook Business Page? I have updates about what is happening at Onstage Live here in Brisbane. No spoilers though!! We are sworn to secrecy!

Here are some of the fun pictures of my team and others I have got to meet. If you haven't been to a Stampin' Up!® event PLAN TO GO! They are so much fun you will never miss on again. If you aren't a demonstrator - join my team and be part of the Crazy Crafter fun. Click Here to join today.


Triple Trouble

My most wonderful and supportive Husband Bruno.


Doing Facebook Live with Donna Williams Onstage. Hahahahahah!

The gorgeous Shelli Gardiner

The Pink Stamper!! Robyn Cardon - what an amazing woman.

Gifts from my Crazy Crafters team!

Angela Meiritz-Reid

The beautiful Denita Wright

Who is that Photo Bombing??


Make and take time with the Cherry Cobblers....

Angela Westland what are you doing??

Nicole Wilson did an amazing presentation

Tanya Trevathen and I

Some more amazing Crazy Crafters

Gail Davidson - Gaga Papercrafts from my team

Sue Madex my wonderful team leader

The hilarious Paula Dobson and incredibly talented Teneale Williams. 

Louise Sharp and Clare Langsford who gives me support and mentoring.

Angela Westland and Nicole Bonar from my team

The very hard working Carolyn Bennie

Suzanne Barnard

Katie Jones from the UK!

And don't even ask what is happening in this presentation! You had to be at Onstage to witness it!
My amazing team plus the lovely Louise Sharp, Shannean Moncrief and Sue Madex!!
So happy we got this wonderful photo.

What a WONDERFUL event - so much fun, so many AMAZING new products that you are going to LOVE. I have exciting news to share but need to wait until Tuesday morning at 7:01am to tell you about it all. I will have a special post with more Onstage updates.

If you would like to request a new Occasions catalogue you can CLICK HERE. I will be mailing these out around mid December 2016.

Want to come to one of these amazing Stampin' Up!® events? Join my team and you can! Click Here to join up. There are no lock in dates, you don't have to sell and no pressure from me. You will however get lots of support, training and mentoring if you would like it.

See you soon!

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  2. Oh my goodness. 2 hr til check in at Phoenix. Can't wait til my 1st On-Stage.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your excitement, Kylie!!! Love the pictures and can't wait to hear your ranking on Tuesday!!

  4. I'm so excited to have caught up with you again.... I just know you are around by the sound of that cute giggle of yours 😀

  5. There you are. Wow! Congratulations.

  6. It was so great to meet you and Bruno - you guys are gorgeous! And you put me on your blog I feel very special! Angela xx


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