My Crazy Crafters Team - Vote for your Favourite

Wow! The Crazy Crafters team are just stepping it up every week. What incredible projects they highlighted for us last week. So many fantastic ideas that we can apply in our own crafting. If this is your first time at one of my team project highlights - Welcome!

You are able to vote! Yes, this is interactive. Your vote will determine a winner, so choose carefully! Only the top THREE will be have their votes revealed and the WINNER will get a small gift from me. You get TWO VOTES. You make a vote by clicking on the heart on the top right hand side. 

Thank you to everyone who played along and voted for our Crazy Crafters last week. You have all picked a winner, want to find out who?? Click here to find out!

Have fun going through these and if you want more information you can click on the picture to go to their blogs and see how they made their project.

Would you like to be highlighted on my blog? ALL my readers from all around the world are going to take part in an epic project highlight on the 11th March 2016 18:30pm AEDT time. Anyone can play along. The theme is THANK YOU! If you are interested and want to find out more you can Click Here. It is very simple and if you have a Stampin' Up! team - please tell them about it. The more that play along the more fun we will have!

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  1. Oh, my! They are all lovely, but Stephanie Fischer's card is an absolute masterpiece! Simply stunning! I can't imagine the time and love that went into making that card. It gets my vote for sure!

  2. They are all fantastic but Stephanie's card gets my vote. It's such a stunning card and made for such a sad event makes it all the more beautiful I think x


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