So You - Occasions Catalogue Stamp set

This card is for my husband Bruno. He is the kindest, most thoughtful man I know and I am thrilled that I married him. We have been going through a tough time lately - his Dad, Pasquale, fell off a ladder a few weeks ago which has fractured his spine. We don't know what is going to happen long term, we are trying not to think too far ahead, but for now we are dealing with the fact that he has been in hospital for two weeks and is not allowed out of the bed. I can't imagine what that is like for a man who worked in construction as a foreman for so many years of his life. A strong, tough man. I do know however that it is effecting Bruno.

So for now if this card can give my hubby some brightness and cheer him up just a bit - then my job is done! But most of all I want Bruno to know that I am here to support him with the days and weeks ahead. 

My plan is to make one for Pasquale and also my mother in law Jeanette as it has been so hard for them. Bruno's mum is usually at the hospital from 8am to sometimes 6pm or later every day. She is such a good wife and a good example of patience - as you can imagine Pasquale isn't always in the best mood - yet she just goes about supporting him, with no complaints or demands.

Please keep Pasquale and the family in your thoughts - and if you have loved ones - give them a big hug and tell them to take care. You just don't know what can happen from one day to the next.

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