Grand Vacation Salt Lake City Part 2

Thanks for reading my updates - these are the last few days of our Grand Holiday that we enjoyed.

Wednesday was a huge day. Stampin' Up! know how to do things in Style - we were off to see how our gorgeous stamp sets were made. To be honest I wasn't really overly excited about going to a factory to see how the stamp sets were put through the machine. But this visit to Kanab was so incredible. It has changed my view of our stamp sets. Let me show you what we saw.

First was the travel to get there - an hour by bus to the airport, then an hour flight then another 2 hr drive by bus. FULL ON! It was a massive day.

We arrived and in typical Stampin' Up! style, a gorgeous lunch had been provided for all 200+ there.

Us at 6am putting on the best morning face

Bruno had to get his coffee!

Bit of shut eye time

We've arrived!

The Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility

Lunch time!

Cutlery wrapped so nicely!


I was so excited to be able to trim and take part in making our stamps. 

Bruno is so excited!

Peeling the rubber from the mold. It was really hot!

Yup still excited

Packing the box sorry if you have the wrong blocks in your set!!

A FREEBIE! Yay I wanted this set so bad. 

The boys got their sets, looking proud. 

Gluing the ink pads down

     Ink time!

     Yes into the mixers they go

    This is how they come out

   Labelling the ink

   Old olive looks so good

   No you can't bring it home Bruno

The SUPER hard workers

A park near the factory that has been supplied with rubber from left overs. The kids didn't know what hit them when 200 adults descended on the park. This is bruno and Daniel being kids. 

Make and takes! So beautiful. 

Love this!

Great ideas

So simple but stunning! 

We were given around 13 pounds to post back home for free from stampin up but there was so much left over!! Loving all the freebies. 

So off to the post office we went. No red circle with a P. lol. It was $85 to send back 8 pounds!

THE LOOT! Can you believe your eyes? Bags, stamp sets, paper, inks, wow. Speechless. So so spoilt!!!

We stopped into the hotel shop and I had to try this gorgeous handmade chocolate. Tiramisu flavour. It was so good. 

Then it was the final dinner!! Time went so fast. It was in a gorgeous setting on a farm. 

The art with heart team - Claire daly's team

The elite stampers team - Angela sargants team

So beautiful. 

Louise and Daniel from NSW. We had an absolute BLAST with these guys! So much fun. They put up with both Bruno and I being sick and were very thoughtful. 

The table setting

Sorry it's blurry but I still had to show you the gnocchi. Yum!




Heirloom tomatoes and mozerella

My meal. Oh yeh!

Bruno has HELP written all over his face. A dancer forced him to dance. Lol

We are learning some moves

So pretty

And that was our amazing trip! I can't believe the grand holiday is over. For Bruno and I though the fun continues as we head off to Las Vegas, New York, Washington Dc, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver and an Alaskan cruise. Phew! What a way to celebrate ten years of marriage. 

I will continue to keep you updated with pics of our incredible holiday. 




  1. Oh my... what fabulous photos and what an amazing trip! LOVE the pics at the manufacturing facility - I had no idea they made everything like that!

  2. What fun at the factory, would have so loved that. Enjoy every minute xxx

  3. Thanks for the continual updates Kylie. It was so nice to live the trip through your photo's, keep them coming. You put in a tremendous effort with the Crazy Crafters Team and it is sooooo good to see you (& Bruno) reaping the rewards and having a fantastic time. So many happy memories being had!

  4. Hahaha...yep still laughing! Love that photo of the four of us! Miss you both so much, keep the photos coming, I now have to live through you! Mwah. xxx

  5. thanks Kylie the photos so great thanks for sharing your trip have heaps fun

  6. Great photos of your trip Kylie. It looked fantastic. What a great way to top off your stellar year.

  7. so loving that we can share your trip and your joy xxx


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