Hello Doily meets Elements of Style

Needing a bit of inspiration, do you feel like you have lost your mojo??

With Stampin' Up! there is NEVER a reason to feel that way. Why? because of google! Get your stamp set that you want to try out and google - Stampin' Up! card ideas and then the name of the stamp set you have.

Lots of websites will show up on the page - but we don't have time to go into each blog!!! So up the top of the page click on images and thousands of pictures of cards will come up using that stamp set. You may see something you like but want to change the colour or design. I thought I would give it a go with the Hello Doily stamp set as I have had it a while and it hasn't been inked yet.

Here is the card that I made-

and I was inspired by Becky's card that I found just by searching on google!

So why not give it a go and be inspired by searching google?? The inspiration is endless!

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