As many of you know, today I was at the Paperific craft show at Flemington Showgrounds promoting Stampin' Up! and its products.  I was working with Nikki Sadler, Kathryn Lowe, and Di Gill.  We had such a great time together.  Here is our stand -

It was such a busy day I didn't end up going to the toilet and lunch was a nut bar that I had got in the morning just in case it got busy.  Good think I also brought some V drink to keep me going too.  I think around 12pm I lost it completely and the girls would agree with that. 

This is all of us girls at the beginning of the day while still fresh -

I can't believe what a hit the little punches kits were I made up!!  To all of those ladies who are waiting to order some of the animal punches kits - I will have them up and running shortly for you to order.  Thanks for the great feedback.

I also met a lovely lady who asked are you kylie?? as in Kylie Bertucci??? and I replied yes......  and she said oh my goodness I love your tiramisu recipe!!! lol.  I had a great laugh.  The last thing I expected someone to bring up at a craft show.

So watch this space.......... Hopefully in the next few days the animal punches kits with be revealed so all can see the kits that sold out in about 2hours!



  1. Congratulations on your most successful day. gosh I laughed at the tiramisu acknowledgement. Well done Kylie, on all levels. It sounds like you at the beginning of a very exciting journey. Go girl!!
    Love Mariana.


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