Photo's from the Regionals

Here are some photos for those that didn't get to go to the regionals or did go and we didn't get to meet you during the day! It was just buzzing in that conference room and people madly swapping their cards and talking and hugging. It was just so so fantastic!! I was like a little girl in a candy shop, I just didn't know where to look or go.
Lets meet the girls that have all come together because of Angela Dickins starting with Stampin up! Bec and I are her downlines and there are a few that are considering starting and some who wish they were demonstrators but it just doesn't fit in right now..... but that may change!

Left to right - Me, Tasharni, Bec Gomez

Jess Scott (such a poser) We were trying the new poses after Hollies presentation! lol

Then the announcement that there was door prizes, pretty much all of us said, I never win door prizes including this person!!

And what a surprise Bec Gomez got a door prize (mind you she ALWAYS wins door prizes!)

Can you hear my jealousy through my typing?

Here's the stamp set she got, those butterflies are just too cute! I think this summer mini is going to be so great. (of course!)

Here is Carolina and I she has some GREAT stuff on her blog so click on her name to see all her amazing creations.

Here is Sue and Angela or wired up ready to do their presentations. They did SOOOO amazing. Congratulations girls. Click on their names to see their blogs (if you haven't already!)

There was just so many brilliant card ideas, all of them so original and lovely!! I just couldn't stop taking photos of them all.

And here is my gorgeous sister in law and friend Angela!! Don't we look great together, thanks to Hollie giving us all the tips to make sure we didn't get a double chin and found our right angle. Bruno and I call the no double chin "turtle neck" in other words stick that neck out!! lol.

And here is my attempt at the candle that we learnt how to do on Saturday, hey I'm happy for a first time, but I am sure that there is room for improvement. Especially after seeing Bec's candles, they put mine completely to shame. (Click on her name to see)
So there you have it stamping friends, hope you enjoyed tonights blog. I am so happy that I got to share these photos with you and feel free to comment as you all know that I LOVE getting comments.


  1. Hey KJ! GREAT post! I had the best time with you girls, I haven't laughed that much in ages, loved it. I will never again say Im not good at door prizes! what a funny pic, I love the face on Sharn, thats love right there...not jealous at all!! LOL Have been researching accomodation in Sydney for convention (just got permission from Gomez yay) found a grouse apartment close by, you in?? Love ya XX

  2. Hi Kylie thanks for sharing your fun time ......and yes I agree you and Angela look wonderful together and so lovely to see that you are so close.

    Also noticed the new top with the jacket ......looks great doesn't it. So pleased you have this lovely hobby as I know how much pleasure I used to get from doing things like this when I was your age.

    Nothing wrong with that candle is all I can say ......mind you I haven't seen Bec's yet!!

    Love mum xxx

  3. Kylie, it looks as if you guys had a blast too! Love your candle, it looks great but I have to admit but Becs were fantastic! I went on Sunday to buy a heap of them to start practicing.

  4. Looks like you had a ball at Regionals, we in NSW have to wait til 21 Nov, killing me!! Love the candle. Lucky you seeing Sue Madex present, have followed her blog for ages.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving such a lovely comment. Made my day 9esp as just walked in after night duty).
    Looking fwd to perusing your blog.

  5. Great pics Kylie. Was such a great day and glad we got to catch up for a cuppa afterwards.
    Love your candle too!

  6. That was such a fun day, can't believe that Bec won a prize. how funny was her reaction. xoxo
    p.s I'm still doing hollie's


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