Stampin' Up! Punch Art Bookmark Kits

Thanks for visiting my blog to see these cute punch art animals bookmarks. These are great for teachers gifts, for projects to do with the kids during holidays and when they make them with you they treasure their little animal so much.

KIT 1 -Ladybeetle, Bear, Sheep, Turtle, Lion

KIT 2 - Dog, Bunny, Frog, Pig, Cat

Kit 3 - Penguin, Fish, Monkey, Giraffe, Girl Frog

Kit 4 - Cow, Butterfly, Poodle, Owl, Horse

Thanks so much for pinning these little creatures! They love that they are celebrities.


  1. i am very interested. please tell me how to get these.

  2. Super cute! I am also interested in these cuties!

  3. I, too, am interested in these bookmarks...especially the Hello Kitty one. Please let me know if the kits are available for purchase or if there are instructions. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for your interest in the kits everyone! Sadly I have got so busy that I don't do the kits anymore - but I am sure I will update you if I do!

  5. Do you have instructions for these???

  6. Nice. My son would really love this. He's an avid fan of wild animal toys.


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