2021 Australia-Wide Swap - Part 1

Hi There and THANKS so much for stopping by our blog today (or if you are receiving this via email - thank you for reading). Bruno and I could see that lots of our crafting community felt flat and were in need of some creative inspiration. Typically, we conduct swaps within our team - we decided this time to open it up within all of Australia. And, WOW! We were THRILLED that so many participated! And, we were EVEN MORE thrilled with the beautiful creations! The BEST thing about the swap - every participant receives a DIFFERENT set of 10 swaps!

We will be providing three blog updates showing all of the swaps we received in more detail. If you live in Australia and would like more information on any of the products used on any of the projects, please make contact.

Part 3 of this video (in the coming days) will have a video of all of the swaps. Below is a quick video before I organised them. 

I made two different projects for the swap and Bruno made one. This is my first swap;

I used the Blackberry Beauty Suite of products for both of my swaps. The sheet of DSP I selected is one of the more neutral designs and there are others that will get your attention before this - but it has gorgeous gilding on it. Click on the shopping link below and see it in our online store.

We are now happy to share with you the first batch of swaps. Again - if you would like information on any of the products used on any of the projects, please let me know and I would happily help you out. 

Thanks for reading today!

Look out for Part 2 in the coming days.

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