Team Swaps - Part 2

Over the course of this week, we will be sharing with you the results of our team swap. Already, we have shared with you Bruno and my swaps - with our posts yesterday and today, we wanted to share the BEAUTIFUL creations from our team members. ENJOY!!

Would you like to participate in our next team swap? All you will need to do is Join our Team and you can take part. And, check out the AWESOME deal below.

The Stampin' Up! Starter Kit is the BEST deal! Typically, with the purchase of a starter kit, you pay $169 and receive $235 worth of products - thats $66 FREE!!!!

However, between May 4-31, the deal is as follows;

Pay $169 and receive $283 worth of products!
That is a whopping $114 worth of products FREE!!!!

The starter kit is fully customisable and As mentioned above, this promotion runs from May 4-31. It is absolutely no obligation and there is no pressure to sell or hold parties. Are you ready to Join My Team?

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have! Please feel free to email me.

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