Cards In the Mail - February 2021 Edition | Random Acts of Kindness

We LOVE getting Random Acts of Kindness Cards in the mail! They are just so special. There is nothing quite like receiving a handmade card in the mail. #randomactsofkindess #makeacardsendacard.

Here are some that we have received recently and we are so appreciative. Have you sent a card recently? Can you get organised and make a list of people you can send your projects to? We have a list of some relatives and friends that we are sending cards to soon. There is no feeling knowing that you are helping spread some happiness and sunshine to someones day. It could change their whole mental attitude and feelings for the better. How wonderful? The power of a handmade card can't be denied.

Have you joined our Random Acts of Kindness group? Want to send a card to other crafty friends? Click below.

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