VIDEO: Artistry Blooms Suite by Stampin' Up!®

I wanted to show you more ideas using the tutorial bundle we have for the month as well as our customer card this month. We love to look after our customers and not only thank them for purchasing through us, but also give them lots of ideas and support creatively.

I had a blast creating this video - during what is quite a stressful time with my Dad right now. I know that being creative really helps me to cope during tough times.

Here are the cards up close so you can pin them for ideas if you like!

Thanks so much for coming by today. xx

Here's Dad a few days ago with a big smile. He's such a fighter! Thanks for thinking of us, him and the rest of our family during this time.

Hug your loved ones! Thank you for supporting us. xx

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  1. Oh Kylie!! Did not know your dad had had health problems . . . and I read your posts every sigle day. I am so glad he is doing better, now. God bless all of you!!


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