Flat Pop Up Card by Kelly Acheson for the Crazy Crafters Craft Class #CCCC

We had a team Crazy Crafters Craft Class #CCCC on Friday and had a blast - a few hours of crafting and socialising as a team and Carolina Evans took us through this fantastic project.

Here is the card that I made inspired by what Carolina taught us. We would love you to be part of the Crazy Crafters Team so that you can be part of our free monthly craft class too!

To see the full idea of this card you can see it on my IGTV - Instagram TV HERE or click on the image below.

As I mentioned in my video I added the section on the back to hide where you write the card and give the feel of a usual card but with the pop up feature at the front. I would love to see this in portrait too.

Here are the links to each person that made this card blow. Kelly is the one that created it and inspired us all - so big thanks to you Kelly.

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