Kylie's Youtube Live Video Replay - Peaceful Poppies Card

I love doing my weekly live videos on YouTube. This week I really wasn't feeling like making a video - it had been a HUGE week with my Mum and family and I was so tired. However, I LOVE that creativity can make you feel so good. It truely is true that crafting is therapy. I knew how I felt BEFORE I was creating. Afterwards it was like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders. I felt lighter, happier and in a much better mood. LOVE IT!

So ask yourself - you may have plenty of craft supplies, but when is the last time you actually did some crafting? Can you make some time in your schedule this week? I am more than happy for you to case one of my many cards! Just head over to pinterest and you will find no end of ideas. However, make sure you stay focused and create something! Pinterest can be good but also very distracting. hahahaha.

Here is the card that I made during my Live Youtube Video yesterday. You can check out the replay below.

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