Bruno's Card inspired by Aboriginal Art from Tio Kurun Warun

Last year we had around 10,000 Jehovah's witnesses come for our Love never Fails International convention here in our home town of Melbourne. Around 40,000 were attending the event however we had special visitors. Bruno and I were involved in caring for hospitality for these guest over a period of one week. We had the most amazing time and got to meet wonderful people from all around the world.

There was one special person we got to meet during the event - Tio Kurun Warun. He is an aboriginal performer and artist and we got to see him perform and also got to purchase one of his incredible pieces of art. Here is Bruno putting up our new painting that we got framed. I am just absolutely in love with this piece of work.

Here it is looking so amazing in our home!

Close up of the painting - it looks like lines from far away but as you get closer the texture changes. Just amazing. I love the earthy feel. The one strip of earthy red he told us is a didgeridoo. The musical Instrument that many aboriginals play - also Tio. We got to see his performance and it was so moving and special.

Here is Tio holding the painting he made. We got to spend time with Tio Kurun and his family and they are such a beautiful family. I got to spend time with Tio and he explained another one of his paintings to me - we sat on the floor and it was such a special moment that I will remember forever. 

What also makes this painting emotional to me is that my name, Kylie, in the Western Australian Aboriginal language Noongar, means straight, returning stick or boomerang. This is an aboriginal hunting tool and some are designed to come back. I guess that means that you will see me popping up and returning always! hahahaha. Having a name that is connected to the Australian Aboriginals has connected me to this painting even more and made it some so special to me. I keep pinching myself that we have it in our home.

So here is the amazing card that Bruno made using strips of cardstock and the Seriously the Best Stamp set. Isn't is so incredible! Love the geometric lines and how the strips all match up with one another - try and work out how he would have done that??? It makes my head hurt. The colours and sketch have all been inspired from Tio's painting.

What a special card to give to a special person and thank him for the beautiful gift of art he has given us to enjoy. I love that Bruno got his inspiration from this special painting and I am so happy I got to share this story and card with you today. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Thanks so much for reading!

We would LOVE to hear from you. Did you enjoy seeing our new painting? What do you think of Bruno's card that was inspired by Tio?

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  1. OMG This is fantastic! I just LOVE it. Great job Bruno and a perfect thank you to your friend

  2. OH WOW! What an awesome experience. Love both the painting and the card, too! Also, I just can't get over how much Tio looks just like my uncle when he was young!

  3. Wonderful story, piece of art and the card it inspired


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