VIDEO: New Coordination Products Release Australia

We are THRILLED that Stampin' Up!® have released some new products that will be available on the 2nd February to customers or NOW if you join up - you can even add them to your fully customisable starter kit.

I had a pretty epic video today explaining more about these new products as well as more about the amazing Stampin' Up!® Joining special that is on right now!

Here is a close up of the GORGEOUS card that I made today with the new Coordination Products - So so cute. The Little Ladybug is only available with a $500 order and you receive it FREE. You also receive host rewards and more when you order this amount.

If you don't feel this is possible to do in one order - please contact me and I can organise a host code for you to add orders from yourself over the month or from friends too.

Thanks so much for your amazing support, remember that you can purchase our monthly tutorial bundle or get it for free when you place an order of any amount with us.

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