Random Acts of Kindness Cards

I LOVE being able to take part in sending and receiving cards around the world. There is deep satisfaction knowing that we can make a difference and be connected with one another through this wonderful art of card making and stamping. Many of you know that Dad has been going through a tough time with his operation and leg amputation. It has been a big shock for him and our family. 

I am so touched that we have received so many cards from around the world. Here are some of the recent cards that we have received. Thank you all so much for your kindness and love.

Holly Paplow

Ilona de Bont

Janine Bowley

Kylie Swain

Camila Chan

Elaine Beard

Jasmine Jones

Jayne Philp

Karin Gallagher

Leanne Mitchell

Leonie Stuart

Libby Dyson

Liz Yuille

Lorraine Morgan

Lucy Tustian

Lynn Wallder

Mandy Witherby

Nancy Hoetker

Nancy Reynolds

Naomi Baxter

Nita Wainwright-Smith

Nita Wainwright-Smith

Patricia Grandjean


Ruth Sollberger

Sandra Hernandez

Sandra Mackie

Tracy Held

Vicki Allanson

Viv Gaines

Vicki Knight

And there are even more that have arrived that I will show on my Youtube Live tomorrow. We just adore you all so much. We love that you think of others and show your love and kindness through this beautiful art and gift. THANK YOU!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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