Good Morning Magnolia in Black and White

Yay! We had a blast during our Facebook Live video today. So many things to share with you all. Plus we even got to do some crafting which I always enjoy. Especially a nice quick one that looks like you have spent hours... hahahaha.

In case you missed my Live video today you can see the card that we made together here - 

And here is the live video recording that I have put on Youtube. Feel free to comment along as if you are watching live. I love to hear from you all.

I love how quickly this card came together because of the card templates that I had - I literally cut the cardstock just minutes before I went live! You can check out the information about my card templates HERE.

Feel free to pin this project to pinterest. And make sure you don't miss Bruno's post later tonight - you can subscribe to get our blog updates by email HERE.

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