WOW! How Beautiful is this LOOKING UP All-Inclusive Card Kit?

We talk about beautiful products, products we like, products we love, our favourite products, products we want to use....... when Bruno first opened the catalogue, this caught his attention. It's the LOOKING UP All-Inclusive Card Kit. Have you seen this one yet? Its so easy and versatile - you will love it too!

WOW! Again, these cards are so beautiful! Want to see them a little closer?

We found there was a HEAP of stuff left over in the kit (like HEAPS!!) so we designed a few extra cards.

The artwork is so gorgeous and it has a very architectural and soft yet masculine feel (does that even make sense?)

When you open the kit, this is what you receive.

Do you wanna see a video of this in action? Here is one prepared by Stampin' Up! for your enjoyment.

This is an ALL-Inclusive kit - you have everything you need in order to complete the projects - ink, block and all cards. The design is already done for you but can you come up with some alternatives to these cards? I cant wait to see what you come up with. Click on the shopping link below and buy it from my online store right away?

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