Greek Isles Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip 2019 | ROME Part 4

Had a great day today filled with food and friends! The attempt was to eat our way through Rome... Breakfast - a Nutella Doughnut - that was like eating a pillow of deliciousness!! 

We took it easy and found an awesome restaurant online in Trastevere. It was around a half an hour walk from our place. We took our time at lunch and had a leisurely two hour lunch. Did you see my new ring too? I am in LOVE with it! We got Jessie a gift today too... We hope she likes it.
Here is my new Roman ring... Bruno helped me pick it and I think he chose really well.

We caught up with our beautiful friends Jessica and David Brigden - they booked the Bible tour for us and it went from 2:30pm to 7pm!! WHHHATTTT - there was so much fantastic information about the Roman ruins that relates to Bible history. Incredible what you can learn from the past. The most interesting part for me was the Arch of Titus showing the spoils that were taken from Jerusalem when it was destroyed in 70CE. Also finding out more about Romulus and Remus and how much it relates to accounts in the Bible. So interesting - glad I took notes as I would have missed so much otherwise.

Here is the daily tour summary video we hope you feel like you are along with us for a day of discovery and food!! Oh boy that food was delicious.

We are boarding the Jewel of the Seas today (Sunday) which start the next phase of the trip! We are so excited to see everyone and catch up. Not sure how the internet will be on the ship - hopefully we can get our videos uploaded, if not we will have some pictures as highlights instead and will post the videos when we get good wi-fi. Thanks for all your wonderful comments - we are loving having you along with us for the trip!

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