Greek Isles Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip 2019 | ROME Part 2

Today we were going to start nice and early - but the body didn't quite respond the way we wanted! lol. So we finally headed off at around 11am after meeting out Airbnb host (she was lovely!).

Today we didn't have a huge amount planned as we knew that we would be doing a four-hour bike ride in the afternoon/evening. So we took our time and walked around the city - did some shopping... What do you think of Bruno's shirt he purchased. If you think that is loud... you should see the shorts. hahahaha.

We then had some issues with our data on our phone... that was a bit stressful as we thought we had used 16GB of data in one day... fortunately Bruno solved the problem, it was to do with registration. But keep in mind if you travel that you don't have apple photos backing up or something like that... it can chew your data so fast and is super frustrating if you don't know why. Strangely yesterday both Facebook AND Instagram were down in Europe! WHHHHAAATTTT?? How are we meant to communicate with our peeps?? But glad that is all fixed and the first world problem has been solved.

Our accommodation is a short walk to the Trevi fountain and usually, on the way to where we are going - we stopped at this gorgeous little cafe and had some delicious coffees and some breakfast. Such a beautiful area.

Here is another of Bruno's purchases that you will find out about in our video. :)

Here is our video summary of Day 2 of our Rome Trip!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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