Greek Isles Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip 2019 | Greek Isles

We have been having an incredible time on the Stampin' Up!® incentive trip and on the Royal Caribbean Greek Isles Cruise. What a trip of a lifetime..... we keep saying that every trip - but it has just been so incredible to see what we have seen. Here are our first three days on the cruise with more to come!! 

Click on the image to see the video for each day.

We have just loved catching up with friends that we have seen before, but also meeting new ones as well. Seeing the incredible sights of Greece just makes us want to come back - what an amazing place.

Thank you all for your comments - we are so happy to hear that for many it feels like you are coming along with us, that is exactly what we wanted you to feel. Welcome to your virtual holiday. We would love you to be able to come along to one of these incentive trips one day. If you live in Australia and would like to make this a possibility, join our Crazy Crafters team today and we can support you in that goal you may like to have.

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  1. I want to thank you for all the videos you are sharing. I have never travelled - but it feels like I am with you. What a joy to see what other countries are like :0)


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