Greek Isles Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip 2019 | ROME Part 1

Our Stampin' Up!® Incentive trip BEGINS! We have a few days in Rome first and thought you would like to enjoy coming on our adventure with us through Rome. We are so excited to be here and I am sure you are going to enjoy seeing what we see, our videos, tours, the people and of course FOOD! YUMMMMM

We arrived in Rome yesterday after a LONNNNNGGG flight. As it always is as we are flying from Australia. It is always a long flight. We checked into our gorgeous Airbnb..  It is not far from the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and amazing restaurants. It feels incredible to walk out and see a whole new world than what you are accustomed to.

We really didn't expect to do much on our first day - but we hit the ground running and LOVED what we saw. Check out our video with highlights of our first day and make sure you follow our youtube channel to keep up to date with our adventures each day.

What a wonderful company we work for! We would never get these opportunites if it wasn't for Stampin' Up!®.

Thanks for your support too - because of our wonderful customers and followers we can do these adventures. We hope you feel like you are coming along with us on the trip. xx

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