Pressed Petals Sympathy Cards

We have been overwhelmed with all the comforting messages from around the world and even gorgeous flowers from a friend after my Grandfather (Pa) died.

Today was his funeral and although it is a sad time, it is also a time of reflection and a time to appreciate family. All of my brothers and sister are here in Melbourne - I have four younger siblings. We haven't been together since 2015, so over four years. Even though it is very a sad occasion it will be wonderful to have some time together as family.

Here is a picture of my Grandfather. He was a wonderful man.

I made some cards to go with the journals that I made during my live video last week. If you missed the journal that I made you can see the post HERE.

I love that although you may think this paper is feminine it is perfect for masculine cards in this instance. You can see I have used the Magnolia Lane Linen ribbon for the Males and used the Scalloped Lace trim for the females and added the washi flower. When it comes to a sympathy cards nothing says thinking of you than flowers.

Two of my uncles are lovers of flowers - one is involved as a wholesale flower supplier and the other is a gardener. I knew the bottom two would be perfect for them. The night that my grandfather died - my uncle came in and brought alone five bunches of double Jonquils. It was just so thoughtful and touching - at a time where you could be thinking about your own grief, he thought about us at the hospital. The whole experience has made me even closer to my wonderful family. From tragedy and sadness some wonderful blessings and gifts can come.

Here is each card up close -

I know it will be an emotional day, however also one of celebration of my grandfather for the incredible 91 years that he lived. Remember that our gift of creativity can be used to show love, build others up and connect us emotionally. What a special gift we have to share! Remember to #craftwithpurpose.

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