Brand NEW Designer Series Paper #loveitchopit Clear Mount Case Inserts

Many of you have been excited to start chop chop chopping and have some of the clear mount cases ready to go for the new papers. I am THRILLED to tell you I have done all 19 different papers, foils and specialty paper. YAY! (feeling accomplished)

I want to thank Catherine Watson from my #loveitchopit group who thought of the idea to put the chopped Designer Series Paper in the cases and also Sarah Berry as she has always used the cases for all sorts of embellishments and more - they are awesome storage tools. You NEED them if you don't have them already. If you want to check out some of the other case inserts that Sarah has you can click HERE.

Are you part of our #loveitchopit group yet? This group helps you to see ways of using our wonderful Designer Series Paper and learning the best way to get the most out of your paper for cardmaking in a simple, cost effective and quick way. I struggled with bits of ugly pieces left over - or didn't chop it at all because I lacked confidence. If that's you - a mountain of paper and growing... Come and join us!

So get your hands on these FREE Pdf's that I have made up ready for your Designer Series Paper to arrive!! You can also have a look at the clear mount cases - one pack of paper fits fine in a standard case for me. If you have more than one pack - or want to fit more than one pack get the wood mount case. Click on the images below to purchase them in my store. Keep in mind they come in a pack of FOUR. Don't make the mistake I have made ordered four and ended up with 16! hahahaha.

#loveitchopit Cases

If you are unsure how my cases, insert and what even #loveitchopit is.. check out my video that I have made. This video has had over 73,000 views! Many have commented that it has helped them overcome their fears of chopping the gorgeous Stampin' Up!® paper. YES - it is a thing! We have fears of chopping - I know because I used to be one of those people.

So head over to my Stampin' Up!® Digital and retired list store to get your free PDF inserts for the new paper now! Click HERE or the image below. You will be emailed the link to download it right away.

Thanks for your support of #loveitchopit! Remember if you aren't part of our group you can sign up to join HERE.

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  1. Thank you for the dsp inserts, Kylie and Bruno. Sure appreciate them!


  2. I tried #loveitchopit but didn't really work for me. Then I got tired of having a room full of 12x12 paper! So, I started chopping and... PUT IT IN THE CLEAR MOUNT CASES! That's the trick, otherwise it's all chopped but hiding in a drawer or cupboard.

    My next project - do you have a plan for #loveitchopit 6x6" paper?

    Thank you so much!!


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