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Hi everyone!! I had a great time during my Facebook live video yesterday. I spoke more about #loveitchopit and our NEW idea - #loveitchopittopieces. I am SO EXCITED about this new concept.

Many of you have been asking for the Case inserts that I spoke about in my YouTube Video this week. HERE is the link for the cases from Sarah Berry, Demonstrator in the Uk. She has LOTS of fantastic case ideas that you can get from her.

Here is the recording of my live video in case you missed it.

I am getting so many wonderful messages thanking me for simplifying the whole process of chopping your Designer Series Paper. So many of us have struggled with it for so long and instead of using it - it gets stored in a cupboard and piles up... and stresses us out. When I did go to use it, I had no idea how to cut it to get the most out of it and it would look messy and would be difficult to store it nicely.

This will fix storage issues, take the stress out of "cutting it wrong", It will give you the freedom to know how much paper you have and USE it instead of hoarding it. How exciting is THAT??

I would love to hear your stories and even see pictures of you doing #loveitchopit. Come and join our #loveitchopit Facebook group for more support, ideas and more. CLICK HERE to sign up and follow the instruction to be added to the group.

Thanks for your support!

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