Saturday, February 23, 2019

Kylie's Card Templates - Do you find card measurements Frustrating??

A few weeks back during one of my videos I showed my Card Templates. You may be wondering what they are and what the fuss is all about or what even are Card Templates?

Since that video I have had so many messages and emails asking me where the link to my card templates and how to find the images, so I knew that it needed it's own special post for us to be able to find and share with others that you think will help.

To explain: Card templates are - a template of the layer you would like to put onto your card or the card base that have the measurements written on the layer or card base.


US & CANADA - Letter Cardstock - Inches
Rest of the world - A4 Cardstock - Either Metric or Inches (whatever you prefer)

How do Card Templates help card makers?
  • Great for beginners to learn the measurements they need to start simple card making. We all can remember the time we look back and we had no idea how to even cut into the cardstock to make a card! It was overwhelming and at times very frustrating. If you are a demonstrator, have them made up and give them to your new card makers and help them make their own so they always have templates with the sizes there to use whenever they want to create.
  • Those that want to use the card templates as a visual layout. I know that I love Card Sketches as they get my creative ideas flowing and ideas start happening. You can do the same with your templates. Lay them on the card to get the idea of what measurements are going to work. Then once you have picked your layers cutting out is easy as they have the measurements written on them.
  • Makes crafting less frustrating, accurate and fast! Because you have the measurements written down on a visual template - no more guessing! So you make them once and then BOOM you are done. The exciting bit is that you can keep adding to your card templates as you find new ideas and cards that you like.
  • For those that are doing Tutorials and needing to work out the measurements for both Imperial and Metric, it makes life so much easier when you can SEE what you are working with in measurements. You can't simply convert the sizes with Imperial and Metric cards - they are a COMPLETELY different sized card, and all the layers that go with it. So these card templates are fantastic to help you work out the measurements.
Check out my video here and an example of some of my card templates I will put below the video.


US & CANADA - Letter Cardstock - Inches
Rest of the world - A4 Cardstock - Either Metric or Inches (whatever you prefer)

I would love to hear about how you have found the Card Templates have helped you creatively! Please let me know whether you have made some for yourself or how it has helped others in your classes or workshops. Feel free to share this information with those that you think will benefit from this idea of having card templates.


  1. Hi Kylie, have just purchased the tutorial bundle, so looking forward to receiving them.
    Cheers, Sue

  2. Kylie,
    I cut my own imperial templates and made them as small as 2 1/4"x1" so I could use them for sentiments. I also punched out circles, and other punches, so I can show customers the variety of punches they can use. I also alternated the color of the paper so it would be easier to see each layer. Thank you for your idea today.

    1. that is what I do as well. New card makers love it and so do ones who have been doing it for a while now.

  3. I have been doing this for a long time now. I teach new card makers how to design their cards using this method. They each go home with a set very similar to yours.


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