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This video was an emotional one.... Our friend Vic May passed away at 91 last Friday. He was the great grandfather of the twins that I have been speaking about lately. We are close to the entire family and so it broke my heart to hear the news of his death.

I love that Stampin' Up!® give us the opportunity to send our love and even more than that - a gift of a handmade card. To not only give expressions of comfort but to make a personalised special card just for the family was so special to do.

Here are the cards that I made for the family -

Here is the card that I made during my video today - I love that the same card can have so many different feelings and emotions attached to it. If you changed the colours it would mix it up even more.

Watch my video to see how to make this card

Wow! I didn't expect to get so emotional! As they say - it is much better out than in - so it is healthy to have a good cry. Vic was a wonderful man and will be missed by many - there were almost 200 people at his memorial service on the weekend. We helped out with the twins (his great-grandchildren) and I captured the most beautiful photo of Bruno with Isla... So I think I didn't have time to have a good cry at the memorial. I wanted to try and keep the girls settled so that Mum could have some time to say goodbye to her grandfather.

Oh my ovaries!! What a shot! She was have a great chat to Bruno - telling him all of Mum and Dad's secrets. hahahaha.

Sorry where was I? Oh that's right - back to the card! lol. The Granny Apple Green with the Gorgeous Grape is stunning with the Soft Suede and Crumb Cake Background. Mixed in with the Very Vanilla - it's a fantastic combination.

Thank you so much for coming by today. Please feel free to comment below, pin my card for inspiration and follow me on Youtube. To see my post that shows the card Templates that I have made CLICK HERE.

If you are looking for a demonstrator in Australia to shop with or buy from - I would love to look after you.

Here are some of the supplies I used in my card Click on the images to purchase them in my online Stampin' Up!® store.

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful moment you captured. So adorable. I know exactly how your ovaries feel though. I am so blessed to have two beautiful nephews (who will be 2 and 4 next month) that I get to take care of while my sister is out saving the world (she is a State Trooper). I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. What an amazing life he must have had in those 91 years! My fiance's grandmother will be 92 in June and she is pretty amazing. For the past 47 years she has taken care of her wheelchair bound, non speaking, completely helpless granddaughter! She has help now because she can't lift her anymore and she is starting to forget things a little more rapidly than we expected. I have only had the honor of knowing this woman for 5 years but I know that she will be seriously missed and we will all be heartbroken. Beautiful cards Kylie!

  2. Ok! GUILTY as charged!!! lol. I am one of your "stalkers". :) I have been following you for quite some time now but never really comment. I'm bad at that but I promise to get better and let you know i'm here visiting. This is going to be a little bit long, I apologize in advance. So Kylie.. First I want to give you and your friend my condolences. The way you described Vic, made me feel a familiar way as if he was someone I once knew. You captured his memory so beautifully for those of us who were not fortunate enough to know this great man. But God bless him as he lived an amazing life span! And as far as you getting emotional, never apologize for that. It just goes to show how big your heart is and how much love and compassion you possess. Vic would have been honored! :)

    Ok moving along.... I am also a Stampin' Up Demonstrator here in the States. I am in New Jersey at the Jersey shore! I live literally 3 blocks from the ocean and I have the bay in my backyard pretty much. During the summer months when the storms like to come rolling through, I like to sit out on my balcony and listen to the waves crashing. (YES I can hear them from 3 blocks away). Right now, it is actually snowing outside! LOL we are expected to receive 4-5 inches of snow today. Aaah the joys of winter! I'd rather be in Australia where the sun is shining and it's summertime!! :)

    So I have some Stampin' Up related questions that I'd love to ask so would it be okay if you could email me please? ...... and I just want you to know that you are probably one of the MOST enjoyable people to watch on video... and you have inspired me a TON since I have discovered your blog and Youtube channel. So THANK YOU for that! I live in chronic pain 24/7 and there are days and nights where I don't sleep because it hurts too much and I literally seek comfort through your amazing smiles and joy in your videos. Not to mention that you are truly so very talented and such a beautiful soul. Anyways, I could go on and on here but I won't. :) I'd very much appreciate it though if you could jot me an email though. Hope you have an amazing day!
    Your new friend in the U.S.


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