Flowering Desert - #simplestamping

This year we have been given a challenge to participate in #simplestamping and Bruno has made a fantastic card that is SUPER #simplestamping.

He has used three inks - Tranquil Tide, Fresh Fig and Berry Burst - they are all from the 2017-2019 in colours! Isn't it such a great card?? I am loving this new stamp set.

Bruno and I had a few days away in Adelaide - in the Barossa Valley. It was a very very quick trip but find out what happened at the end of this post....

Please feel free to pin this card if you want to case.

I mentioned at the outset that Bruno and I took off for a few days. We drove to the Barossa Valley in Adelaide which is around a 7.5 hour drive. We had some special wine to pick up! Bruno wanted to drive down and drive straight back - but I coerced him to stay at least one night and have a nice meal. 
We were so glad we did stay. Heading off today I get a facebook message from my Mum who lives in New Zealand - She posted a picture of a winery she was visiting with her hubby in ADELAIDE. That's right! We were in the same state of Australia and didn't even know it.

Bruno and I were able to make it work and met them at the winery and had a wonderful few hours together - it was such an awesome experience! I haven't seen my Mum for at least a year and we are planning to see them in April when we attend Onstage.

Here is our Quick Live video we made together - 

It was an amazing few hours together - so PRECIOUS!!!

It feels like our life is FULL of exciting adventures! There is never a dull moment in the Bertucci Household that is for sure!

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