Swaps I received from OnStage - Part 1/3

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! I have an AWESOME post for you today (and for the next two days). I received more than 130 swaps from OnStage. These are totally awesome! I love these so much and I love being able to share them all with you to inspire you. Feel free to pin them to your boards on Pinterest. If you know the people who made these cards, please let them know Ive added them!

Debbie Rice

Janette Turner

Jenny Hall

Pat Skirtschak

Kristal Bell

Pam Staples

Pat Skirtschak

Lori Willcox

Linda Goldhersz

Lynne Ernst

Vicki Koch

Barb Reed

Debby Krueger

Debby Krueger

Debby Krueger

Christy Gridley

Gina Molinaro-Cardera

Amanda Cardera

Tammie Cooper

Angie McKenzie

Kristal Bell

Debbie Rensink

Judy Pinner

Sarah Fleming

Rick Adkins

Debbie Rice

Patricia Preston

Jewel Easterling

Is this yours? Please let me know!

Tricia Butts

Sue McDonald

Sandra Roberts

Anne Marie Hile

Chris (Shively) Smith

Sandra Flowers

Rick Adkins

Rhonda Kleiman

Gwen Eich

Debi Pippin

Kathy Grywalski

Tracie Salo

Carmen Delgado

Marilyn Miller

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