Orlando | OnStage LIVE - Day 1 | 2019 Occasions Catalogue

WARNING!!! EPIC POST AND SPOILER ALERT!! If you don't want to see things happening for Onstage do not continue to look.

I don't know how many times I say this but ..... WOW! This event has been AWESOME! Like .... AMAZING! There is so much that I can tell you ...... but instead, I will show you! Here is a video Bruno made;

At our accomodation we saw these cute ladies I wonder if they were with Stampin' Up!® Anything give me that idea?? hahahaha.

The day started off interesting - We put my brand new Achievers Bag and Onstage gift into storage yesterday. Turns out, the bus didn't take us back to the convention centre, but rather to our hotel. This was great. But, also, this was not-so-great as it meant leaving our bags there overnight. We went to get our bags this morning there was no-one at the cloak-room and the room was empty. We were told they have been taken off site and the cloak-room wasn't open till Saturday. Whaattttt!! Oh no!

However will some ringing around we FINALLY got through to someone who said they would drop off the bags PHEW!!! The crisis was over. Here is us hugging the girl that dropped them off and saved the day.

Here are the goodies that Bruno and I won today (prize patrol - we BOTH won today and an all attendee giveaway!!)

Here are the lots of photos we took of demonstrators from around the globe!

This sweet demo brought as a bag full of gifts. So sweet!

Here are all the Aussies at the event -
This was a card demonstrated by Shannon West - Bruno loved this card so much, he took it off the wall and photographed it. 

My new Stampin' Up Tool Bag - I LOVE the branding!!!!!

I won prize patrol!!!! Yay!!!

Todays make-and-take.

Can I introduce you to the DISPLAY BOARDS!

Once again, thank so very much for taking time out to read this post. 

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  1. Truly awesome post!! Trying to figure out how the card Bruno held was made...... are we carving again?!? Brilliant pics, thank you so much! (From all of us who can’t be there x)

  2. Kylie you're so sweet! Thanks for sharing all of the great pics! It was so great to meet you and Bruno!
    Wendy from Hershey


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