OnStage LIVE Orlando 2018 Day Three

Onstage is over!! Boo Hoo! We are so sad - but what an amazing time we have had here in Orlando, Florida. Here are our highlights of Day three - however there is still so many things we have to show you! Our gifts we received and of course - SWAPS!! We have SO MANY swaps to share with you - so they may be over a few posts that is for sure.

Here is our video recap of our last day. Big thank you to Bruno for being such an awesome camera man. Some sessions he held the camera the entire time as he knew many wouldn't get to see it. They were just FANTASTIC. There is a BIG session of Sara and Shelli cardmaking together in this one. It is so wonderful.

We loved being able to meet so many demonstrators during this program - It was so nice to hear that you follow our blog and watch our videos. We are so grateful for your support and kind words gifts and hugs we received.

It's Louise Sharp from NSW!!

Someone may have been a little tired.....

These three wonderful woman are all deaf - we were so happy that we got to speak to them in the limited Auslan that we know.

Check out everything we got from Onstage Live

How amazing was all of that?? If you see a friend or yourself in the pictures above I would love to hear from you! We met so many wonderful people in such a short time. Keep following our blog as the swaps and more gifts are coming up that we want to show you. The Onstage Live Celebration is going to continue this week!! Woo Hoo!! PARTY TIME!

Bruno and I are heading off to upstate New York today - currently packing up our bags to spend some time with Jessica and David Brigden - a couple that we met on one of our Stampin' Up!® Trips. We are so looking forward to spending some time with them!

To follow my blog by email you can click HERE. That way you won't miss anything. Thank you for all of your support - we were so humbled and overwhelmed with how many of you follow us and know us. It really was just so exciting to see that we can help others to create and have fun with Stampin' Up!®.

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