Kylie's Demonstrator Training Program CLOSES 30th September 2018

There is only a FEW DAYS LEFT to sign up for my Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator Training program. This year is going to be extra special as every year we learn more amazing ideas that we can implement into the training to benefit all those that attend. This training is for any level demonstrator and from any country. My team members get to attend the program for free.

One of the speakers that I am very excited to have in our program is Sophie Zadeh from my alCOM.y. Sophie specialises in nonverbal communication–body language, vocal power and self-empowerment. Her talk is going to be so valuable in helping us grow in confidence and be aware of what we are doing that could be causing people to treat us a certain way.

We have an incredible list of demonstrators that will be speaking as well. We are looking at around 3-4 talkers per month!! To be able to hear top demonstrators talk to us about how they have reached the goals that they have is priceless. Plus you can interact, ask questions, and draw very close the community of demonstrators that are part of the group.

Here are just SOME of the speakers this year - Patty Bennet, Robyn Cardon, Allison Okamitsu, Amy Koenders, Wendy Cranford, Connie Stewart, Dena Rekow, Connie Collins, Dawn Griffith, Lisa Curcio and the list goes on and on!!! We have around 35 speakers throughout the year. Some are new trip achievers so that you get a feel for those that have just started in the past two years and have been able to earn a trip. Tangible evidence that it can be achieved in a short amount of time by someone who has just started recently.

This training group will become your motivation, 24/7 support to talk about anything you like and your biggest cheerleaders! It might be an issue, something you are proud of, anything you like to discuss. The group is completely yours to talk and ask questions about anything you like. Having lots of different ideas and input from many people can give you ideas and spark different ways of thinking.

Many of us suffer with self-esteem and confidence issues and wonder how we can make a business doing something we love when we are struggling with our personal and emotional limitations. You may even be an introvert and feel like you won't be able to make it work. I have seen with my own eyes that YOU CAN!! No matter what type of personality you have - you can learn to build your confidence and learn what makes you special and unique. There are customers that have been waiting for someone just like you.

Stop thinking about it and jump in the deep end. You won't regret it.

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