Fun in the Phillipines!

Bruno and I are having a wonderful time here in the Philippines. We can't believe that we have been here for almost two months already. Time is going very very quickly. We only have three months to go and it is going to be very sad leaving a place that is now in my heart.

We are very busy each day - Bruno is working on Architectural designs and I am helping in the kitchen with Vegetable preparation, cutting carrots and washing lettuce, that type of thing. There are over 400 people that live at this complex that are involved in translation, Audio visual, sign language, Building maintenance and so much more. So we are meeting wonderful people that have left jobs, a comfortable life to be here in the Philippines and serve in whatever way they can.

Here are just a few pictures of some fun photos of our time here so far - 

mmm fish heads!! lol

Jeepney Ride!

Facebook filters - Edit loved this!

As you can see we are having an incredible experience. I am so grateful that we have been able to have this opportunity to learn and grow and meet amazing people. We are both so happy that we decided to come here and give of our time and volunteer our skills. All 400 that live here are all volunteers too so we are meeting some incredibly lovely people. 

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