Thailand Incentive Trip Day 3

Today was a pillow gift excursion from Stampin' Up!® and we had a WONDERFUL TIME!!! This was a few days ago so I am sure that you saw the photo's on Facebook. But just in case here are our highlights of the day.

It was a HUGE day - but we had such a wonderful time.

Yes! We are in a canoe! Glad we weren't paddling though - it could take some time. lol

In a speed boat on our way to Phang Nga Island for Lunch.

The lovely Brandi Barnard

Boat Selfie!

These guys are so awesome!

Me at our lunch location.

We had a wonderful time! I will be posting Day Four and five very soon!

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Thanks to my wonderful Customers and new team members for supporting us even though we are away. Items are shipped directly from Sydney so you won't have any delays in your Stampin' Up!® products arriving if you order online.

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