Thailand Incentive trip Day 2

Here are a few photos from day one that I found on my camera after I posted. 

Amy Storey, Jennifer Cotton and their daughters and the hilarious Tami White Photobombing in the back. Lol

Dawn Griffith, Lee Conroy

Kim Fee and Louise Sims

Angela MacKay

Erica Cerwin

Tom and Sarah Berry

Lorri Heiling

Krista Fratin and her hubby Arturo and daughter Jaleena. 

Here are some photos from yesterday -

Angie one of the lovely Stampin' Up!® Employees

The incredible Georgia Giguere

Tamra Davis and Dawn Griffith

Claire Daly, Patsy Wagner, Georgia Giguere, Alison Solven and I. 

We caught up with our lovely friends Julie and Josh who are not with Stampin' Up!® but we happen to be in Thailand at the same time! It was a wonderful evening. 

And of course! A pillow gift!! Can't show you what as it's new product and we are under a spoiler alert. 

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Thanks for all those that have joined or placed orders while we have been away!! You are the best. 

I will be back with day 3 and 4 very soon!
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