Stampin' Up!® Incentive trip Day 5 - Last Day

It has taken me a while to post our last day because we have been having a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying singapore. We staying in Thailand a bit longer and had one day in Singapore. We LOVED what we have seen and head off in the morning to Australia. It is going to be great to see Jasper and Bella and the family again. Then we have two weeks to get organised to head off to the Philippines - Whoa, the excitement never ends around here. 

I wanted to show you the last day of our wonderful Stampin' Up!® Incentive trip - we just took it really easy - had a relaxing morning and took our time with breakfast, went for a swim and then before we knew it - it was time for the Stampin' Up!® dinner! We didn't know where we were being taken until we lined up for the buses! Everything was super secret.

Here is Bruno and I ready to go for the special event

Thanks for the amazing lighting on this one Bruno!
Some wonderful women I got to spend time with on the trip.

Drinks on arrival!

The amazing Shelli and Sterling!

Check out this incredible ten filled with amazing foods and demonstrators and their guests!!
Plus we had this stunning mansion as the backdrop to the event.

Even the watermelons got into the spirit of things!

Bruno enjoy fresh coconut water from a freshly opened coconut! YUM!

Beautiful Decorations

Amazing food!

The whole thing was a FEAST for your eyes, ears and nose!

Got to have some last minute photos with these amazing people - 

Linda Bauwin - Million Dollar earner and new inspired stamp set coming in the Holiday Catalogue!!
Well done Linda!

Sam Hammond Donald "pootles"

Sara and Sean Douglass with Bruno and I

The gorgeous Pam Jorgensen

Sarah and Tom Berry with Bruno and I.
We felt we needed to do duck face. lol!!

And as if all of that wasn't enough - we got given this gorgeous Elephant Necklace

And a wonderful spice/herb container!! 
Wow!! So spoilt!!

What an incredible event

Bruno decided to make a video with all the pictures he had on his phone and bits of video.

Here is is amazing video that he made by the pool at our resort in Thailand. I know right? He is amazing. I have so much to thank him for. We are on this trip because of his wonderful support - my incredible team and customers. And we appreciate it all SO MUCH!

Let us know what you think of his video and if you are a demonstrator and want to aim for the Greek Isles trip I have some great tips for you. You can join my demonstrator training HERE. Or join my Crazy Crafters team if you live in Australia and I will give you some amazing training.

You can also follow my training Facebook Page HERE.

Big thank you to Stampin' Up!® for being such an amazing company that not only helps us to make wonderful projects that brighten peoples day, month or even year - but also that they know how to take care of those that work hard at sharing what they love with others. This really is the best job I have ever had and to have these extra amazing gifts on top is like double icing on a cake!

Think about joining my amazing team and find out for yourself. Click HERE

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  1. I have enjoyed the video with photo's and video's of you trip to Thailand, it is amazing to see all those fruits and amazing vieuws, thank you for sharing.


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