Stampin' Up!® Retired list Sale - In memory of Jessica Holbery

One of my Crazy Crafters Team members passed away on the 10th January 2017. I was aware that she was terminal with cancer and had been battling with it since the age of 5. Her mother Carolyn and I had spoken before she died and Carolyn expressed that she was feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of Stampin' Up!® products that Jessica had collected. As a a craft lover - I knew that Jessica LOVED not only using but collecting her products too. And I wanted to let Carolyn know that it will be ok.

I offered that I would help her and the family with the Stampin' Up!® products when the time came to start packing up Jessica's items. I didn't want those products to go to anyone, or for the value not be appreciated. So I have created a Retired Product Sale in memory of Jessica and to help her family.

Carolyn not only sent all of Jessica's most valuable Stampin' Up!® craft supplies to me - but she also sent Jessica's Funeral program. And it is SPECIAL. It has made me cry and meditate on what is really important in life. 

I want to share this beautiful paragraph from the program - 

When I started hearing about a young woman being inspirational, I thought naively - It'll be she didn't complain and endured so much. She is so much more than that! Jess has made amazing achievements for anyone who was 33 let alone a woman who had so many disabilities - lack of eyesight, lack of hearing, battling various cancers, meningitis - so much she could teach more able bodied humans how to live life to the full - and not waste a moment!
Aren't we all guilty of taking life for granted? We all think we we'll be here forever - and of course we won't. We complain about trival things - yet Jess's character looked outside herself to see how she could help others - even in death. How many of us can honestly say - 'I made a difference' Jess could!
Never would I have imagined the young lady we celebrate today had left a legacy like this; this is a story which needs to be shared and passed on. Please do. And make your life count - and she did.

How special! There is so much all of us can learn from those beautiful words. 

In Jessica's memory - let's look after her wonderful craft supplies - we are the ones that understand what they would have meant to her and how creating and crafting would have given her so much joy when she was struggling.

To see Jessica's Retired Product sale you can click HERE
Only Australian residents can purchase these items. 

For those that want to do something in memory of Jess you can donate to Brain Cancer research. It was her wish to bring awareness and funds for research. You can do that HERE

Please share this post or the sale with anyone that you know in Australia that would appreciate these items. I will be adding more items to the sale as there it LOTS of product.

Remember Jessica's legacy is - Complain less, appreciate more and look outside yourself to see how you can help others. Now go and make a difference to others and you are continuing on Jessica's story.

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  1. Awwwww, how sweet, may she Rest In Peace, prayers go to all who knew her ,
    Hugs Frenchie,
    A pal,
    From Florida ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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