Hello Friend Heat Embossing Project Kit

Before Bruno and I left for our Thailand Incentive trip I had a play at this amazing new kit from Stampin' Up!®. I love the kits as they are perfect for being able to craft without coming up with the design and you also feel REALLY accomplished as you create 15 amazing cards with this kit.

This is a kit for those that want a bit of a challenge. Learning how to emboss and not see it as a big deal is really great. I use embossing so often, yet when I started I made it a big deal in my head - when it really isn't at all! It is an essential part of my crafting techniques. If you are lacking a bit of confidence in embossing this is a great kit to get you feeling more confident.

Here is a great video that Stampin' Up!® made - be sure to watch this and get some ideas!

For those of you that live in Australia you can purchase this kit from me HERE. You will need to get the stamp set to finish the project HERE.

Thank you for coming by today! I will be back soon with another update of our holiday and what we are up to. You can get the very latest updates on my Facebook Business Page HERE. Make sure you are following us!

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