Day Four Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip

Today was a VERY special day. We had heard some wonderful things about the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and really wanted to try and see it. Fortunately we were able to get a ticket to go.

It was one of those experiences that changes your thinking and opens up some sad things - but also gives you hope that a terrible industry that has been so popular for so many years will be gone in the future. But I NEED your help. Please in a kind way, share this with any friends that you know are going to Thailand and looking for things to do while they are there.

Nine years ago Bruno and I came to Phuket and we did what most tourists do - when to Fantasy and rode the elephants. Even then things did not seem right. Elephants painting? Monkey's in costumes? Lions kept in small concrete cells? There were so many things that did not sit well with us. You get told that they are trained - that they are ok. Don't be fooled - These animals have suffered torture and cruelty and continue to do so to perform the tricks and rides that they force them to do.

PLEASE read this article. It explains what is happening in the industry and what this wonderful sanctuary is doing to help - Click HERE

Let's change the industry one less person supporting it at a time. If the tourists not longer support the rides or the shows... they will have to change and create these type of sanctuaries. And don't be fooled by the term ethical - many of them will say they are, but do some research to find out if it really is.

If you come to Phuket - you need to visit this incredible place. Bruno and I both cried when we understood what the elephants go through when we ride them and how they are used in tourism in Thailand. It is heartbreaking. This was something so unique and special that we got to experience. Best part was knowing that we were contributing towards something that was going to help other elephants that have suffered their whole life. Even though these animals are old and sick - The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary still have to pay to rescue and give them a beautiful place to retire.

Here is my Facebook Live that I made while we were there. I was so emotional seeing the animals free to approach us and being treated so wonderfully. Also hearing about what happens to the little Elephant calves. 

You can't believe how close you get to these amazing animals that are HUGE!

But first.... let's take an elphie

Do you have a banana for me?

Time for a back scratch using a tree

Saying hi to a few peeps

We got to feed them and touch them - this was the only time they allowed this to happen.

I am sure that many demonstrators will be having a blog hop or an event that brings more awareness to this industry and supports this wonderful sanctuary that is only 8 months old.  You can head over to their facebook page HERE and see the incredible visitors and celebrity's that have come - plus some great videos with the elephants.

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Thank you for reading my blog today. I know that it is long - but it is so important to share information that can help make a difference to these wonderful animals.

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  1. Wow. It looks like that you guys are enjoying your trip well. I would like to appreciate you for arranging the such beautiful trip and sharing your updates with us.


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