Random Acts of Kindness Blog Hop June

Welcome to our Random Acts of Kindness blog hop for June! You may be starting here or have come from the previous blog - either way you can find the list at the end of this post so you can be inspired by all this kindness that is being sent all around the world! 

So much has happened in the last month. I am no longer running this RAK group - the wonderful Sarah Fleming has taken over with lots of support from our team of admins. This group has been so much more popular than we ever could have imagined!! I have a Stampin' Up!® business to run - so as much as I would love to be involved more, sadly time doesn't allow it. So now I just do what I can when I can in the group.

I am LOVING all the wonderful card that I have received the last few weeks. Oh my I am so SPOILT!! Bruno and Jessie have also received cards and I just LOVE seeing their faces light up when they arrive, Jessie even blushes she gets so overwhelmed with warm and fuzzy feelings. It is really sweet. It touches your heart to know that someone around the world has thought of you and gone to the effort of sending you a handmade card. If you aren't in the group - make sure you join up HERE.

Here are the wonderful cards I want to show you today. Thank you so much to all the wonderful peeps from around the world that sent these INCREDIBLE cards the last few weeks! I LOVE going to my letterbox now. It is super exciting and the best part is getting to know people from around the world. I send around six cards a month and they are usually ones that have made and shown on my blog. 

This month for my Random Acts of Kindness cards - I want to look for ones that are going through a tough time - have lots a loved one or a pet - or have received exciting news so that my RAK card can be something specific to them. I really enjoy adding a special message for the person I am sending the card to.

I really hope that you will join us! I am LOVING being part of this refreshing, upbuilding and encouraging group! I know that you will too. CLICK here to join in the fun!

#givewithnoexpectation #makeacardsendacard #imbringingrakcardsback #randomactsofkindness 

Thanks for joining me today - make sure you don't miss anyone in the hop - the list is below. Enjoy and see you in the Random Acts of Kindness group.


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  1. Such an array of beautiful cards!!

  2. Epic!!! Such a great collection you have there Kylie :)

  3. You have been spoiled with some amazing cards this month & you deserve it! The videos & pics you post of Jessie opening her cards are really sweet lol she's such a cutie! xx

  4. Loved by many, Kylie dear, and spoilt you should be!!! (((HUG)))

  5. It's amazing how much kindness and happiness has been created with your "RAK" movement! Love it xx

  6. I spy with my little eye - the RAK I sent to you. Yay! And such a lot of love being sent your way, Kylie. You are a treasure. D x

  7. Love all those cards and I spy mine as well.


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