Crazy Crafters Highlights - Vote for your Favourites

Welcome to The Crazy Crafters weekly Project Highlight! Every week my incredible team wow me with their incredible talents and creativity. I love being able to highlight them like this and we all love how you take part in voting for them too. We can't believe how close the votes were for last week! WOW! They really are grateful for your votes and make sure you click on the picture to visit their blog and leave a comment for them if you can. Let them know that you voted for them. I know it will make their day.

Here is the TOP five for last week - 

1. Karen Coulter​ 54 Votes
2. Juan​a Ambida, Sandra Mastello​ and Irene Rahman​  44 Votes
3. Jessie Holton​ and Stephanie Fischer​ 43 Votes
4. Kirsten Aitchison​ 39 Votes
5. Kim Oliver​ 33 Votes

Congratulations to you all! How close are those votes?? You can check them out here to refresh your memory of their awesome designs. Well done to you all every week you submit such wonderful work. 

Instructions for voting!! Click on the heart in the top right hand corner. I know that my team appreciate you taking the time to visit their blogs and vote for them and I do too! You get FIVE votes so choose wisely. 

If you are receiving this blog post by email you will need to click HERE to see these wonderful projects and take part in voting.


Thanks again for coming by my blog and supporting my Crazy Crafters team. They love having you all come by their blogs and voting for them too. We are sure you will gain so much inspiration from these gorgeous projects this week. Make sure you check out the team HERE.

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