Want to be part of a Random Act of Kindness?

There are some challenges that many of us face from day to day in our lives - it can be tiring, stressful and at times really tough. Want to use your creativity to be part of something that can bring love and kindness to someones life?? To give them a spark in their day that helps to connect with others?? YOU CAN be part of something TRUELY amazing.

The Random Acts of Kindness group is a group of fellow craft lovers that spread love to one another every month. The best part is - you choose how much love you want to spread and you choose who you would like to give that love to. It is completely RANDOM and so much fun. We use only current Stampin' Up!® Products in our cards so that not only can we give someone love and joy - but we can inspire creativity too. If we really love a card - we can replicate it and get our hands on the current product.

Today we hit over 600 members in the group!! WOW!! Every day we are seeing pictures of cards that are being sent ALL OVER THE WORLD. The goal in this group is not to expect anything - but to GIVE. There is a wise proverb that said "there is more happiness in giving than receiving". So come and join in and learn the art of giving!

Here are just some of the cards that I have received recently - it is now such a joy and so exciting to go to the mailbox!! 

Many that I have spoken to have said that one of these special cards has shown up just at the right time when they just needed it. You will connect and make new friends all around the world. So the question is - If you aren't in the group WHY NOT?? CLICK HERE to join up right now.

Let friends, family, fellow demonstrators, customers whoever you like about the group.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I have TWO blog hops tomorrow that I am taking part in and they are both using brand new product so make sure you don't miss them. You can CLICK HERE to subscribe to get my blog by email so you don't miss a thing.

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